What is a cookie ?


The website uses cookies to create a safer and more efficient environment for its visitors.


Cookies are a small piece of text that is sent to the browser when someone visits a website. Their main function is to remember information, such as preferred language, login information, etc., to facilitate the visitor’s browsing of the websites of his choice. The information collected in this way is used exclusively for the proper functioning of the website. Cookies are permanently activated in order to save your preferences that contribute to the optimal experience of using the website. They do not harm your devices or the files stored on them, and most are deleted when you leave our website. The cookies we use do not store personal data or personal information capable of leading to the identification of the person to whom they relate and which have been collected in another way.
If you do not wish to have information collected through cookies, please set your web browser to delete all existing cookies from your computer’s hard drive, block all cookies in the future, and receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Note: If you do not allow cookies to be stored, this may lead to functional limitations of our website.


Types of Cookies we use to improve your experience.


Absolutely necessary
These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. Their most common function may be to log you into an account, a subscription service, or fill out a form.


These cookies help to measure the visits and traffic of the website in order to improve its performance. Through them we can learn what is the movement of visitors within the websites as well as which websites are the most popular. The information collected by cookies is all anonymous. If you prohibit the use of these cookies then we will not be able to know that you have visited our website and as a result we will not be able to monitor its performance.


These cookies enable our website to offer you personalization and improved functionality. They are defined either by us or by third party service providers whose services have been added to the website. If the use of these cookies is prohibited then some or all of these services may not function properly.


Targeting / Advertising
We do not use targeting/advertising cookies. These cookies are intended to receive information about the behavior of using the website and through the analysis of this behavior by visitors, to display specific advertisements for some of the products or services to the visitors.


Cookies we use for functionality provided by Third Party Companies

For more information on the purpose and scope of the collection and further processing and use of the data by the third parties as well as on the rights and available settings to protect your privacy, you should consult the privacy policy of the third company.


Google Analytics and Google Maps.

It uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information, such as the number of visitors to the website and the most popular pages. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us improve our website. Google Maps is used by the website to display the location of the museum on the map, as well as to provide directions for accessing the museum.

For Google’s cookie policy see: and



It uses reCAPTCHA, which helps protect websites from automated programs and is an important tool in keeping the internet safe.

For more information see



It uses Sketchfab to present the 3D exhibits that appear on the site.

For more information see



How to prevent the storage of Cookies or how to delete them


You can set your internet browser in such a way as to prevent the storage of cookies on your hard drive or ask each time to reject or accept (activate) each (Browser):

    Google Chrome:
    Internet Explorer
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