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The other products or services mentioned on the online pages of the hub and bearing the marks of the respective organizations, companies, partners, bodies, associations or publications, constitute their own Intellectual and Industrial Property and therefore these bodies bear the relevant responsibility.

Regarding the use, reproduction and dissemination to the public for direct or indirect financial or commercial purposes of depictions of monuments,

archaeological sites, historical places protected by Law 3028/2002 “For the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage in General” (Α΄153), we point out that article 46 par. 7 of Law 3028/2002 and the Common Ministerial Decision No. YPPO/GDAPK/DMEEP/Γ2/Φ51-52-54/81397/2199/12-9-2005 – (B’ 1491) “Determination of fees a) photography – filming – videography. “, as amended and in force, which determines the licensing procedures, the amount of the fee and the method of its collection and any other necessary relevant detail. In the aforementioned KYA, the licensing process for the use of images of archaeological content for commercial or advertising purposes in electronic titles on the Internet or Intranet, in electronic publications (e-books) and in the production of audio-visual works and electronic guides is provided for. The Greek State (Ministry of Antiquities – Ephorate of Antiquities of Lassithi) is the exclusive owner of the rights to the content of these images. Therefore, the Greek State is the exclusive beneficiary of the revenues from the display of a monument (mobile or real estate) and the use of these in any form.
Furthermore, with Law 4305/2014 (Government Gazette 237/A/31-10-2014) a special exemption is provided for cultural heritage from further use for commercial or advertising purposes for the “protection of cultural heritage from theft, looting, vandalism, illegal excavation, antiquities, and in general the avoidance of exposure to risk of movable and immovable monuments and places protected under Law 3028/2002”.


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The user/visitor hereby grants a license to the YPPOA, as the owner of the internet, of all receptive protection projects in accordance with Law 2121/1993 resulting from communication on the boards and communication forms, as well as in the interaction areas, such as these described above.

Under no circumstances does the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lasithi guarantee and consequently bear no responsibility (not even through negligence) for any claims of a legal, civil or criminal nature nor for the restoration of any damage (positive, special or consequential, which may indicatively consist of loss profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) of the user / visitor of this website or of third parties, for a reason related to the operation or non-functioning, the use of the website, any inability to provide services / information available from it or from any unauthorized third-party interference with products / services / information available through it. It also provides content (e.g. files, texts, images, photographs, drawings, graphics, videos, software applications, information, names, images, data, etc.) and the services available through the “AS IS” websites, without no warranty express or implied, expressed, implied, expressed or implied, subject to the warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness, inviolable compatibility, security and accuracy, in any way, all of which we expressly disclaim.

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Lassithi makes every effort for the good operation of its Hub, but in no case guarantees that the functions of the above network

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The Ephorate of Antiquities of Lasithi is not responsible for the personal data protection policy of websites of third parties to which the user has access via hyperlinks from this Website. The Ephorate of Antiquities of Lasithi is not responsible for the personal data protection policy of websites of third parties to which the user has access via hyperlinks from this Website.


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